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Explore Xinjiang by Light Hiking

Xinjiang is endowed with endless attraction by nature and history. Each year numerous tourists are attracted here to do their dreamful Xinjiang tour. Beside the traditional tour in recent years some people choose hiking the silk road or want to do Silk Road trek to spend their Xinjiang holiday.

Why hike to Xinjiang?

Xinjiang is a pearl city in western China. The long history and mysterious culture, the unique landscape, the minor ethnic custom, and the heart-taking scenery attract lots of hiking lovers come there again and again.

Xinjiang is deeply loved by hiking lovers. In their mind, only covering the land of Xinjiang with their foot they could meet soul of Xinjiang and feel the most authentic beauty of Xinjiang. Only on their hiking way they could feel the grand and desolate things, the heartthrob forest and meadow, the spacious valley and glacier, and the abandoned city ruins…

What is Light Hiking?

When mention Hiking one may think of big backpack, camp, and picnic. While in a light hiking they are not necessary. The key point of the light hiking is “light” which means being leisurely and comfortable. No need to pack much equipment or luggage, or expertise hiking knowledge. The only thing you need to prepare is the comfortable walking shoes. In the light hiking, you will rent a car for long distance transportation. And in each certain destination you will cover it with your own foot.

4 recommended light hiking itineraries

Based on our many years experience and information offered by hiking lovers, Chinasilkroadtours selects the following 4 light hiking itineraries for your reference. Xinjiang has a vast territory and usually one attraction is quite far from another, the pure hiking will cost much energy and much long time, so we recommend you rent a car to assist the light hiking.

Light hiking itinerary 1: One Day Urumqi – Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake locates 97km east to Urumqi city. We recommend you rent a car or take the taxi to Heavenly Lake from Urumqi to save riding time. Get off the car at scenic area entrance and then you have three choice to arrive Heavenly Lake: Cable car, scenic shuttle bus, walking. After arrival, tourists could hike along the plank road next to Heavenly Lake to explore the lake and the highlight sceneries around the lake: West Mini Heavenly Lake – Dragon Spruce Forest – Tianshan Mountain – Heavenly Lake – Snow Peak of Mt. Bogda. Appreciating snow mountain in west and see pine trees in south. And in Tiewa Taoist temple to learn about Chinese Taoist culture. After hiking if there are still some time you could do the cruise on Heavenly Lake. That itinerary can be tried all year round.

Light hiking itinerary 2: 2 Days Ili

Day 1 Yining City – Naraty – Yining City: Light hiking to Naraty Grassland
Day 2 Yining City – Helgas port – Sayram Lake – Kazaiqi Folk Culture Village – Yining City: Light hiking in each site

Anyone who comes to Yining he should not miss Naraty Grassland. Wandering in the vast grassland you could enjoy the beautiful scenery consists of grassland, rivers and the horses. Then on the way to Helgas Port appreciate unique scenery of Guozigou. July – Oct is the best time to do this light hiking because the grassland is most beautiful in these months.

Light hiking itinerary 3: 4 Days Baibaha – Kanas – Hemu

Day 1: Beitun – Burqin – Colorful Bay – Baibaha (stay overnight in local guest house)
Day 2: Baibaha – Kanas (stay overnight in local guest house)
Day 3: Kanas – Jiadengyu – Hemu (stay overnight in local guest house)
Day 4: Hemu – Burqin/Beitun – Urumqi

That hiking itinerary is the best loved by hiking lovers. It is also one of the top 10 hiking itineraries in China. Each day you will meet the different picturesque scenery: glaciers, grasslands, mountain meadows, white birch and pine trees forest, etc. And you will pass through village of Tuwa people to see slow life here.

You will start from Russian style county town Burqin. On the way you will meet the colorful Yadan Landform which is known as Ghost City, Colorful Bay, and arrive the pretty Baibaha Village. Villagers here are Tuwa People and Kazak People.

Then drive to Kanas Lake, Hiking in the scenic area to explore the beautiful and mysterious things of the lake.

Hemu Village should never be missed in this itinerary. That village is the latest opened up village, so it remains the original appearance at present. The village is deeply loved by photographers.

Considering the local climate, June – Oct is the best time to do this hiking.

Light Hiking Itinerary 4: 10 Days Northern Xinjiang + Turpan

Day 1: Urumqi – Urho Ghost City – Colorful Bay – Burqin
Day 2: Burqin – Jiadengyu – Kanas
Day 3: Jiadengyu – Hemu
Day 4: Hemu –burqin
Day 5: Burqin – Bole
Day 6: Bole – Naraty Grassland
Day 7: Naraty Town – Bayinbuluk
Day 8: Bayinbuluk – Turpan
Day 9: Turpan – Kumutage Desert – Urumqi
Day 10: Urumqi – Heavenly Lake – Urumqi

This light hiking itinerary covers some best destinations in Northern Xinjiang: Kanas Lake, Hemu Village, Heavenly Lake, etc. Besides, the itinerary also includes highlight places in Southern Xinjiang like Turpan and Naraty Grassland, etc. With this itinerary you will see both the Southern and Northern scenery. Within the 10 days you will roam over Kanas Lake, Hemu Village, Sayram lake, Lavender manor, Naraty Grassland, Kumutage Desert, Grape Valley, Karez Well, Flaming Hill, etc. You will be surprised about what you see and do in this 10 days.

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