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Explore the Desert Closest to City in Xinjiang

What is your impression of desert? Far from people’s living community? Have to travel for long distance to meet it? Then a trip to virgin desert would be as tiring as most desert trip. In Xinjiang there is an exception – You can get a close look at the 1880m2 Kumutage Desert from apartment window in Shanshan County. You will appreciate the grand beauty of desert in close distance without exhausting long trip.

In Kumutage Desert, you will meet the well arranged sand hills with smooth sand hill ridges and trenchant front side and backside. In the past hundreds of years, the Kumutage Desert and Shanshan County getting on well with each other – The desert has not invaded the county, and the country has not tried to change the desert. That makes the Kumutage desert one of the the most reachable deserts in China.

Usually there are 3 popular ways to explore the desert.

  • Hiking

Route 1: From Kumutage Desert Area to Langan Town, it is about 10km and costs around 1 day .

Route 2: Travel through the Kumutage Desert Area to Dikaner Village to its southwest, it is 40+ and is much tougher than Route 1, it costs about 3 days and require more physical energy.

  • Driving Through the Desert

Route 1: Enter from entrance of Kumutage Desert Area, you will meet brook, spring, and Uygur ethnic musical instrument show. Then take the scenic bus to visit the whole desert, and will meet the relaxing camels.

Route 2: Enter from entrance of Kumutage Desert Area and drive to self driving base. Driving through the desert you will really appreciate the unique grand and wild beauty of nature.

  • Camping

If you choose camping overnight in the desert, you will have lots of time to enjoy the sunrise, sunset, the colorful cloud… At the tranquil night, looking upward to sky you will see the silver moon hand above your head, and the whole world would fall quiet.


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