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Eight Special Things in Xinjiang

Each area has its own unique regional natural condition, folk culture and some traditional habits. Knowing them would make your stay there more impressive. If you travel to Xinjiang, the following special things will be worthy of your attention. They would help you either plan a more ideal Xinjiang tour or understand local area better. If you’re thinking about what to see in Xinjiang, these eight special things may provide you a clue.

Water Monster in Kanas Lake

Kanas Lake is a top scenic lake in Xinjiang. It is an Alpine lake locates in deep forest in Burqin County, Xinjiang. The water monster “Big Red Fish” is 10 meters long. Some experts think the monster is Hucho taimen – a large scale carnivorous fresh water fish. This unsolved mystery triggers curiosity of people and attracts numerous tourists to have a Kanas Lake tour.


Man Wears Embroidered Hat

No natter where and when you go in Xinjiang, you will find most Uyghur men have a small Embroidered Hat on head. Even in the hot summer days they would not take of hats off. Because they wear the hat not for keeping warm but for their religious belief: peace, hope, and life.

Camel Runs Faster than Car

In the vast desert, it is hard to find a person or a village in your sight. And since there is less road suites to vehicle, camel becomes the most ideal conveyance in desert. Though the camel looks big and slow, its speed is at 10-15km/h. And in the long distance transportation, a camel can proceed 30-35km a day.

The Four Seasons May Fall on One Day

As an inland city, Xinjiang has four distinctive seasons. And the day time and night time temperature difference is quiet big. The local saying “Wearing cotton-padded jacket in the morning and change to single layer jacket in the noon. And sitting around stove to enjoy watermelon .”  can reflect the big temperature difference vividly.

Make a Girlfriend on Horseback

“Chasing after a girl on horse” is a folk sport games of unmarried Kazakans people in Xinjiang. The games are mostly carried out on wedding ceremony or during the folk festivals. In each round there is a boy and a girl on horses participate in the game. And the game consists of two-way horse riding. The game appoint a starting point and a returning point. In the first half part of the horse riding, the boy could express his affection to the girl and even pay the gallant. The girl can do nothing but to listen and see. On the way return to starting point, it would be the girl’s turn. If she also likes the boy, she could ride back with him hand in hand. If she is annoyed by the boy, she could beat the boy with whip in her hand. And this time the boy can do nothing but to accept his bad luck.

Stone Flying in Fierce Wind

In some areas in Xinjiang, the largest wind power can reach force 12.

Wide Spread Underground Cannels

More than 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty, the ancient people in Xinjiang created this underground irrigation system – Karez Well System. The hundreds of underground cannels are acknowledged as one of the three greatest human constructions in Chinese history.

Ghost City in Karamay

The Ghost City is also called Wuerhe Wind City. It locates at the northwest bridge of Zhun’ger Basin in Xinjiang and it 100km south to Karamay City. The thousands of natural statues in strange shapes and the scaring sounds made by fierce wind wins the landscape the name “Ghost City”.

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