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Driving on Xinjiang – Tibet Highway

Xinjiang and Tibet are two of the rising stars among Chinese tourist destinations. Lots of the 2nd-time or 3rd-time visitors to China choose to do Silk Road tour or Tibet tour.

Traveling with travel company is the most common and the most safe way to explore these destinations. However, if you are an experienced traveler, renting a car and a guide to do a self-driving travel will be more exciting. Between Yecheng County of Xinjiang and Lhatse County of Tibet there is a highway – China national highway 219. The highway covers a distance of 2143km. The self-driving tourists usually extend the destination to Lhasa in east, so the total driving distance becomes 2520km.


Xinjiang – Tibet Highway will lead you travel through Kunlun Moountain, Kala Kunlun Mountain, Gangdisi Mountain, and Himalaya Mountain Range. And the average altitude of the highway is above 4500km. 915km of the whole highway is 4000+ meters high, and 130km of the total highway has an altitude of 5000+ meters. You will drive across five 5000+ meters high mountains , 16 icebergs, and 44 glaciers.

Driving along that highway for only one time one will enjoy the realest scenery and culture of northwestern China and Tibet. It also will be a lifetime memory.

Recommended driving route and daily itinerary:

Day 1: Lhasa – Yamdro tso Lake – Karuola Glacier – Tashilunpo Monastery – Shigatse

Day 2: Shigatse – Lhazê County – Dingri – Everest Base Camp

Day 3: Everest Base Camp – Peigucuo Lake – Xixia Bangma Mountain – Jilong County – Jilong Town

Day 4: Jilong Valley – Saga – Zhongba County

Day 5: Zhongba County – Payang – Bage –Lake Manasarovar – La’ang Lake – Pulan County

Day 6: Pulan County – Bage – Renboqi Mountain – Na Buru – Guge Kingdom Ruins – Zhada

Day 7: Zhada – Guge Kingdom Ruins Sunrise – Na Buru – Ali

Day 8: Ali – Bangongcuo Lake – Sanshili Yingfang

Day 9: Sanshili – Yecheng

By Day 9, you will finish the driving along China national highway 219, and you will have an unforgettable experience of driving the Silk Road. If you plan to deeply explore Silk Road by car, no problem if you are clear where to go.

Have interest in this self-driving itinerary? Please do not hesitate to contact chinasilkroadtours.com to get more information and advices.

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