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Crescent Lake in Early Spring

All the pictures was photographed on March 1st, 2017.

The Crescent Lake together with Mingsha Mountain are 2 must-see Silk Road tourist attractions as pearls embedded on the ancient route. It will not be completed for one’s Dunhuang tour without paying a visit here. The incredible lake with its special beauty endowed by nature shows travelers very different faces in different season. Here you can see how beautiful it is in spring.

Spring renews the elegant Crescent Lake. The melting snow and ice injects their white flood into the winter’s wizened lake, seeming to swell its cells and bring the lake back to its young age. Spring shakes its body fairly in the air and it starts to breeze. The rays of the dawning sun bathed the peaks of the distant sand hills and the sparkling ripples of the lake, all there glittered like covered by gold dust, gloriously and majestically.

Singing Sands Mountain & Crescent Lake locate at 5km south of Dunhuang City, Gansu Province, known throughout the world for the rare phenomenon about the coexistence of hill & spring and sand & water, marking it one of the world’s. Enrolled on the list of National Scenic Spot in 1994, Crescent Lake & Singing Sand Mountain combined with Mogao Grottoes is hailed as the two landmarks of Dunhuang City, dragging keen interest and passion of travelers home and abroad.
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