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Nice! A Cool Summer for Animals in Chongqing Zoo

Recently, many Chinese cities have been controlled by burning heat, like Xian, Chongqing and Wuhan, which not only kills people’s appetite but also even the life interest—baked people seems to be dispirited. It is worse to animals! Think about it, some of them have thick fur covering their bodies, how hot do they feel? And many animals need to live outdoors so as to be removed by the joy of air-conditioners.

In this case, Chongqing Zoo has a nice idea to help them! They try to cool down those lovely creatures by all means based on their different habits, letting them spend an easy summer successfully.

See the pictures of animals in Chongqing Zoo.

On 18th July, pandas held the ice block in arms to cool him off. Look at their faces, enjoyable, right?
—“Awesome! It’s cool ^_^”

On 18th, July, this elephant was treated with a big shower to drive the heat away.
—“Dear sir, some more please!”

On the same day, two hippos were chasing the one ice brick in water for coolness.
—“Hey, bro, I am the first, okay???”

It would be a special experience to witness such funny moments if you have a China trip to Chongqing in summer. Will you come?

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