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Capsule Hotel Opened at T3 Urumqi International Airport

Here is an exciting news you may have missed in Xinjiang travel guide. On Oct 1st 2017, the first capsule hotel at Urumqi International Airport was open to public. After the hotel opening to public, passengers would have a much more comfortable transfer in the airport when they have Urumqi Silk Road tours.

The hotel opens from 08:00 to 02:00 of the next day every day. And the room rate is CNY80/3 hours. And CNY20 for each extra hour. The cost would not excess CNY160 per person.

Though the freight space is narrow (inner size: 2 meters long and 1.1 meter high),TV sets, dressing table, foldable mini table, and WIFI are all available in it.

The capsule hotel has 5 sections: Reception Area, Recreation Area, Slumber Cabin Area, Luggage Area, and Washing Room. Each slumber cabin is a private space and all the other areas are shared by all costumers of the hotel. The capsule hotel has 52 slumber cabins in total, and each slumber cabin has its own intelligent chip key.

Besides, the hotel has two unique service: the self-help equipment will remind passengers of the flight departing time, and the hotel will transfer passengers to other flight terminals for free if you stay in the hotel.

No doubt the opening of the hotel is good news for tourists on Urumqi travel whose flight departs at midnight and tourists whose flight delayed for several hours.

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