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Best Xinjiang Self-driving Routes in Autumn

Xinjiang has already became a popular tourist destination for Chinese and international travelers. Most people choose to cover the classic highlight sites with tourist companies. But there are still some travelers that are not satisfied with often visited and well developed tourist sites because they are less of excitement. So they prefer to drive a car to cover their interested places. With their own car, they can extend their trip to anywhere they want to go.

ChinaSilkRoadTours would like to recommend some most popular self-driving tourist routes in autumn. We promise you will be surprised by what you meet on the way.

North Xinjiang Self-driving Route

Urumqi City – Shihezi Junken Museum, Zhangyu Chateau – Wuerhe Ghost City – Hebu Kesaier Culture Town – Jimunai Grassland Stone City, Jimunai Port – Buerjin Five Color Bay – Heiliutan Grassland Stone Figure Tribe – Hemu Village – Kanas Lake – Baibaha Village – Jiadengyu – Fuhai Wulun Lake in Burjin County – Keketuohai – Qiakuertu Town – Guhai Hot Spring – Heavenly Lake – Urumqi Lake

North Xinjiang is the best place to enjoy the natural scenery of Xinjiang. In North Xinjiang, you will see the most authentic color of autumn.

Tianshan Self-driving Route

Urumqi City – Tianshan Mountain – Jimusaer Beiting Ruins – Bulake Grassland – National Dinosaur Geo Park – Mulei Populus Euphratica Forest – Balikun Ancient City – Yiwu Populus Euphratica Forest – Hami East Tianshan Mountain – Hami King Scenic Area – Hami Yardan Landscape – Kumutage Desert Park – Lukeqin Town – Tuyuq Valley – Turpan City – Daban Town – Sault Lake – Urumqi City

In this route, you will have an overlook of East Xinjiang scenery and the local people’s life – Heavenly Lake, populus euphratica forest, Yardan Landscape, Desert, grassland, local towns.

South Xinjiang Self-driving Route

Urumqi City – Baluntai Town – Bayinbuluke Grassland – Kuche Grand Valley Geo Park – Kuche Old Town – Kizil Thousand Buddha Cave – Kizil Reservoir Scenic Area – Akesu City – Tuomuer Grand Valley – Daolang Tribe – Alaer Museum – Shaya County – Luntai Town – Luobu People Village – Kuerle City – Bositeng Lake – Urumqi City

Different from North Xinjiang, South Xinjiang is best to see local people’s folk culture. If you are interested in local culture, then go to South Xinjiang.

Kashgar Self-driving Route

Kashgar City – Baishahu Lake, Kalakuri Lake – Mushitage Peak – Tashikuegan Stone City – Shufu County Folk Musical Instrument Market, Afanti Park – Kashgar City – Yingjisha County Folk Nife Market – Shache Old Town – Zepu populus euphratica forest – Xitiya Maze – Yecheng County – Maigaiti Town – Bachu County – Atushi – Tuernaite Port – Five Color Mountain – Yierkettashi Port – Jigen Town – Kashgar City

Kashgar is the most west territory of China. A self-driving tour to there would definitely a lifetime memory

Hami Self-driving Route

Hami City – Dahaidao Yardan Landform – Kumutage Desert – Shanshan County – Tuyuq Valley – Balikun old town – Dongtianshan Stone Mountain – Yiwu Populus Euphratica Forest – Hami Hui King Palace – Hami King Scenic Area.

In this route you will meet thousands of years old Populus Euphratica Forest, the great work by nature Yardan Landform, and the starry sky in desert area. The natural scenery would be very much heart touching.


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