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Best Time to Visit Xinjiang is Coming

Xinjiang is an important part along Silk Road, the rich cultural relics and heart-touching natural scenery is great attraction to all travelers. But due to its geological location and climate features, Xinjiang is not suitable for tourists in winter days Nov – March. Usually the best time to visit Xinjiang is July to Oct when it is neither too hot nor too cold, and various fresh  fruits appear in market, and the nature is of most colors.

July & August, each place in Xinjiang welcomes their most attractive time

The best time to travel to Xinjiang. The hot air is driven off by the coming autumn, fruits are calling people with their fragrance and watering taste. The beautiful grassland, tranquil Sayram Lake… It is hard to description their beauty with language, you can only find the most authentic beauty with your eyes.

Sept – The most colorful time is coming

Xinjiang will become a huge natural palettes in autumn. In Autumn, Baibaha Village is so beautiful that beyond any world’s description, Keketuohai Geo Park becomes a world of yellow and red in Mid-Late Sept, and Baisha Lake looks like a large oil painting.

Oct – Grand beauty of Late Autumn

After several autumn rains, birch forest gradually shed leaves, leaving the branches stand in the wind, which appears pathetic but heart touching. Just travel to desert area to have a look of populus euphratica forest. Under the clear blue sky, the golden leaves, the twisted tree trunks and branches still struggle to stand in desert to present their desire to live. The North Xinjiang Mulei populus euphratica forest in early Oct, the Luntai populus euphratica forest in Late Oct are waiting for you to find their beauty.

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