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Beijing – Urumqi Highway

If time permits, if you are eager to meet something really special, you can try driving on China G7 Highway which stretches from Beijing to Urumqi. The highway finished construction in July 2017.

Some people think the scenery along China G7 highway are as amazing as it along the US 66 highway. Driving along the highway, you will meet mainly 10 special things – grassland, river, forest, desert, Gobi, lake, glacier, mountain, village, city…

Beijing- Urumqi Highway

China G7 highway is the largest desert highway in the world yet, it not only stretches through the vast desert and Gobi area in northwest China, 500km of it is even depopulated zone! In the vast desert area, Beijing – Urumqi highway lies like a black dragon, which make the Beijing – Urumqi self-driving travel more exciting and cut 1270km from the travel.

Main cities along Beijing – Urumqi Highway are: Beijing – Zhangjiakou – Jining – Hohhot – Baotou – Linhe –Bayan Nur – Ejina Qi – Jiuquan – Hami – Yiwu – Balikun – Qitai – Turpan – Urumqi

Wild Animals Along the Highway

Beijing: The starting point of the highway is Jiantingqiao on the 5th Ring Road in Haiding District, Beijing. As a the capital city and national history & culture famous city, Beijing has lots lots of things worthy your trying.

Zhangjiakou: The first stop when you drive out of Beijing is Zhangjiakou. It is the first national forest city in Hebei Province. It is also a popular summer resort for people living in Beijing.

Forbidden City in Beijing

Hohhot: Capital city of Inner Mongolia. The city is very rich in natural resource regarding forest, mineral resources, agricultural resources, and pasture. It is the top tourist destination for many people traveling to Inner Mongolia.

Baotou: The largest city and best greened city of Inner Mongolia. In Mongolian language Baotou means “habitat of deer”. It is an excellent destination to experience Inner Mongolian culture.

Bayan Nur: The city is known as hometown of dinosaur in China. The grassland scenery and culture is the most impressive feature of the city.

Ejina Qi: The mainly landscape here are Gobi, hill, desert, river, lake, oasis, etc. The most shocking things here would be vast-spread populus euphratica forest.

Mongolian Yurt

Jiuquan: The city of Gansu that has the largest area. Since the ancient time, Jiuquan is the must-pass place along Silk Road. Today it is a well known Silk Road tourist city.

Balikun: It lies in the northeast tip of Xinjiang, and is one of the three Kazak people autonomous counties in China. The winter is cold and summer is pleasing cool here.

Qitai: A country in Xinjiang that known for its complicated attractive landscape and scenery. Here you will meet desert, Gobi, oasis, valley, grassland, and mountain peak. The average temperature in summer is 22.6 degree.

Turpan: One of the best known Silk Road tourist cities. The rich Silk Road cultural relics and various fruit attract thousands of domestic and international travelers every year.

Urumqi: The last stop of Beijing – Urumqi Highway, and the capital city of Xinjiang. It is very convenient to travel from Urumqi to other destinations in Xinjiang like Yili, Kashgar, Hemu, etc.

Milky Way You see on the Highway

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