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Bachu Culture in Xinjiang

Bachu Ancient City was one of the 36 kingdoms in Western Region in history. According to record the ancient city was built in 206BC, so it is over 2200 years old now. It locates northeast to today’s Bachu County on northwest edge of Taklimakan Desert and has Tianshan Mountain to its north.

The ancient city used to be the important pass along Silk Road. Various folk culture met each other here and then melt together. The excavated silk and wool fabric and coins bearing Chinese characters, Uyghur characters, Arabic characters prove the city’s position along ancient Silk Road.

The existed ruins of the city also proves it was of crucial military function. The city has 3 layers of city walls: the inner wall was 756 meters long, the middle wall 1008 meters long, and the outer wall 1668 meters long. Standing in waist of the mountain behind the city one can clearly see the ruins of city wall, the two gates, and building ruins inside the city. If you are looking for Xinjiang tours China focusing on its special culture and history, then Buchu should be on list.

In the Tang Dynasty (618-907) Master Xuanzang traveled to the city on this way to Ancient India. In his diary he recorded Hinayana was most popular in the city, monks were in large population and Buddhist activities were held frequently.

Generally speaking, northern Xinjiang is the best to see natural scenery, and southern Xinjiang is most ideal to explore folk culture. In Bachu County and nearby area one could enjoy both the amazing natural scenery and the rice fold culture.

Bachu is the God’s gift to human. The grassland, lake, wetland, Gobi, Populus euphratica forest are the things can never be missed. Beside the ravishing natural scenery and landscape, the simple folk culture and art are attractive as well. Once the Uyghur music blares, Uyghur people will start their dancing.

Bachu is also the paradise for food lovers. The fragrance of toast mutton spread in air can always wake one’s taste buds. Among all kinds of BBQ, the one in desert is the most exciting. Toast mutton on branches of Elaeagnus angustifolia L. and diversifolious poplars are over half meter long, and the huge toast fish, and several typical Uyghur dishes…

Trying some toast mutton and Uyghur dishes your Xinjiang tour will be more impressive and interesting!

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