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Autumn Scenery of Tibetan Areas in Southern Gansu

Zhagana Mountain in Southern Gansu was selected as top tourist destination in Asia in 2017. Zhagana means “stone casket” in Tibetan language. Its unique natural scenery attracts countless visitors to explore. You don’t even have to go far away to have a China Tibet tour. This Tibetan area will present you a paradise on earth and give you a chance to experience the life of Tibetans. Never miss it on a Gansu tour. Follow this Silk Road travel blog to feel the beauty of this place.

Zhagana Mountain in early autumn days.

Zhagana is the Tibetan Language which means “stone casket”. It is praised as one of the top tourist destination in Asia.

The village sitting on waist of the mountain seems be isolated from outer world.

In autumn days the mountain looks cooler.

The village at foot of the mountain is embraced by cloud and mist.

The peaks in distance is hidden by mist.

The shape of distant mountain could be seen through the mist.

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