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Autumn Scenery in Xiaoquan Valley of Gansu

Gansu province plays an important role along the ancient and modern Silk Road. The well known Silk Road tour destinations like Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, and Wuwei are just located in the province. In the late autumn days, the isolated Xiaoquan Valley of Gansu China presents some much charming scenery to people and is a ideal choice for one’s Gansu tour.

Treeking to Xiaoquan Valley of Qingshui County, Gansu Province, you will meet some fiery-red persimmon groves. In the green and yellow world of the valley, the flaming persimmon groves appear rather eye-catching. And they add some unique attractions to the area. So in recent days here becomes a welcomed trip destination for local people.  If you’re planning Gansu travel, autumn is also a good time.

Beautiful autumn scenery of Qingshui County.

The leaves of persimmon trees turn as red as maple leaves.

Looking from afar, one can never figure which ones are persimmons and which ones are the leaves.

The curly and powerful trunk of the persimmon tree.

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