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Q&A Regarding Silk Road Tour

Q: What can we see when doing a Silk Road tour?
A: Donging a complete Silk Road tour tourists will see more than 20 places of interest (including natural and cultural scenery) with Terracotta Army, Sangke Pasture, Jiayuguan Pass, Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Lake, Heavenly Lake, Id Kah Mosque, Jiaohe Ruins, etc as highlights. And if tourists enter China from Beijing or Shanghai, we could also arrange attractions there into Silk Road tour itinerary. Upon requirement, we will tailor make some special Silk Road plus tour. Click Silk Road Attractions you will have a fast glimpse of all major attractions along Silk Road Tour.

Q: How many days does a Silk Road tour lasts?
A: Generally Speaking a Silk Road tour lasts from 5 day to more than 20 days. Tourists could decide a Silk Road tour duration according to their time schedule. But a recommended normal Silk Road tour duration is 10-15 days for tourists who what to do a complete Silk Road tour in common sense. 8-10 days Silk Road tours is designed for ones who plan to have a fast tour to major attractions along whole Silk Road in China. And Silk Road itineraries less than 6 days is for essential part of Silk Road. And tour itineraries lasts over 15 days are for tourists who want to do a in-depth Silk Road tour. Click China Silk Road Tour Packages you will find tour packages of various duration offered by Chinasilkroadtours.com.

Q: What should I take when doing a Silk Road tour?
A: There are five must-things when doing a Silk Road tour: clothes for wide range of temperatures, anti-sand cap, suntan oil, comfortable shoes, medicines may need. Click What to Take you will known why you need them. Or please let us know your travel month and destinations we will advise precisely what should be taken to ensure a comfortable Silk Road tour.

Q: Is there any taboo when doing Silk Road tour?
A: Most part of Silk Road in China is in area inhabited by Hui people and Uyghur people. Both of them have faith in Muslim. They never eat pork in their life. So please respect their religious faith and never asking for a pork or donkey meat dish in a Muslim restaurant. Either wise you have knotty trouble. if there are any unpleasant fairs between with local residents, please do not try to explain or argue with them directly. Local people are usually foursquare and testy, an improper explanation will make it worse. Asking help from local guide will be the best way. Other taboos in particular spots you guide will tell you.