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Lanzhou Travel Guide

Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu Province. It is a big city on the upstream of the mother river of Chinese nation — the Yellow River and holds the strategic point along the Hexi Corridor. Its long history and the great nature endow the city with plenty of scenic spots. As the only city with the mother river of Chinese nation running through from the west to the east, Lanzhou has a unique tourist line on the banks of the Yellow River. The elegant Mother Sculpture of Yellow River, a remarkable statue composed of “mother” and “baby boy”, stands still beside the river; High waterwheels in the Waterwheel Garden slowly rotate, making people feel that they go back to the old time; The 100-year-old Zhongshan Bridge which has completed its historical task now retells the visitors the tremendous changes of the city and becomes a classical photo taking spot; White Pagoda Hill showing excellent building skill and artistic value is the perfect place to overlook the whole city. In addition, it’s a good choice to take a boat to visit the magnificent Binglingsi Grottoes or wander around the comprehensive Gansu Provincial Museum to explore the profound history and culture of the city.

The ideal time for traveling to Lanzhou is late-spring and early summer not only because it’s neither hot nor cold but also because the city is also famous for all kinds of juicy fruits and most fruits are ripe then.

Plus its important position as a transportation hub along the Silk Road, Lanzhou gradually becomes an popular Silk Road destinations.