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Xian Muslim Quarter

The Muslim Quarter behind Drum Tower is a well known food street where tourist will find various authentic local food and snacks. The street is also one of the must visit places in Xian. Actually it consists of Islamic food area, ethnic group shopping center, Great mosque and living area of Hui people.

There are ten mosques in the quarter and 60,000 Hui People live beside the mosques. They are still keeping their religious tradition and living habits. Besides, there are other ethnic groups in the quarter, with multi-cultural atmosphere and special historical values.

As a place famous for local food and snacks, the quarter is full of all kinds of restaurants. People could enjoy the delicious local food and snacks both in restaurants and at roadside stands, people can experience differently when eating outside. Moreover, it is a pleasure for some people have all kinds of local flavors in hands when walking. To add up, when coming across desirable objects, barging can bring another kind of delight. Store keepers in Muslim street could speak some simple English necessary for exchanging. Tourists will hear Chinglish with local accent of Xian.

The food in the street is of north and west flavor, in which pancake in mutton soup, cold rice noodles, Chinese hamburger, noodles are famous Shaanxi cuisines. The time-honored brands are Laosunjia, which is located in the west of Dongguanzheng Street, Chunfashegn, which is located in the Nanyuanmen, Tongshegnxiang, which is located in the square of Bell Tower and Drum Tower, which is a brand of beverage and is located in the Beiguangji Street, and Jiasan Guantangbao, which is located in Xiyangshi.

Excepting for the local snacks, little tourist souvenirs in Muslim Street are rich in kinds, delicate in looking, and cheap in price. Brings some typical local things to as many your friend as possible with lowest cost will be not bad. Free entrance fee, relative low price and distinctive local taste make Muslim Street a preferred tourist destination in Xian.

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