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Sunday Market

The goods on sale in Sunday Market are much rich in kinds. And the goods on sale are either without any package or with only simple package. That just like the personal characteristics of local people, simple and forthright. The meet in his market are usually live stock. The clothing in this market focuses more on quality for using than on aesthetic property. As to the ornaments, the headgear and hats make up the largest part.

It is said on every Sunday, the population of Kashgar will increase by 10 thousand. Though the market is not far from the boundary line, the inconvenient transport stop many foreigner people from neighboring countries coming there. As a tourist, you will find nothing worthy of buying in this market. But it is really a good place to see shopping way of local people.

The Sunday Market is unique because you will find the goods totally different from them in other markets in big cities. Almost each gods on sale is of thick ethnic taste. As a business hub along the ancient Silk Road, this place used to be the place that benefited from the international business. But time brings great changes to world, the present Sunday Market has noting to do with international trading. In this market, horse is easier to find than a van, and the fertilizer is more popular than fashionable things.

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