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Sugong Pagoda

Sugong Pagoda is the trivial name of Emin Pagoda. Among Xinjiang people it is also called Turpan Pagoda. It locates 2km east to Turpan City.

In intermediate stage of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), Emein Hezhuo, ruler of Turpan area offered the financial support to build the pagoda. Emin Hezuo is a famous and distinguished ruler of Turpan area in history. He built the pagoda to express his thanks to the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, to show his faith in Allah, and to make his fame enduring in history.

The 200 years old Sugong Pagoda is a elegant Islamic pagoda. It is 44 meters tall and inside the pagoda there are 72 stairs by which tourists could get to the pagoda top. The stairs spiral climbing up with a brick column in center. Except for the roof of the pagoda, tourists could find wooden material no where. And totally 14 windows at different height and directions were opened. The body of the pagoda is constructed with gray and yellow bricks and layered with 15 different geometrical patterns which are of thick Muslim taste. On top of the pagoda there is a 10m2pavillion with big windows.

At the entrance, there stand a stone inscriptions inscribed with the totally same content. One is in Chinese Language and the other one in Uyghur language. The inscriptions gives some brief and authentic story about the pagoda building.

The pagoda stands on a vast blank ground and to the south part of it lies the ruins of Anle City. Nearby Sugong Pagoda is the Suqong Pagoda Mosque, one of the biggest mosques in Xinjiang. If you have time, paying a visit there will be also pleasant. That Mosque is of typical Islamic and Uygur features. The prayer hall of the Mosque can keep maximum 1000+ people. The arched roof, the numerous niches, and the dim preaching rooms are some of the highlight visual attractions to tourists. You could find Islamic architectural features and feel the religious atmosphere everywhere. Being different from Sugong Pagoda, buildings in the Mosque are built with sun-dried mud bricks. Sun-dried mud brick is a traditional and most used building materials in Turpan area. In the famous Jiaohe Ruins and Gaochang Ruins you could also find the sun-dried mud brick using as the main building material.
Since the Sugong Pagoda and the Mosque are Muslim attractions, so please make sure to listen to and follow your guide visiting introduction and requirement.

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