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Sangke Prairie

Sangke Prairie locates 1 km southwest to the Xiahe County Town. The broad flat prairie is embraced by the continues mountain ranges. The Daxia River floating through the prairie from south to west breeding the luxuriant grassland. The clear blue sky, the floating white clouds and herds of cattle and sheep, and the luxuriant green plants make up a natural pastoral picture. To Tibetan people, the prairie is the natural pasture through out their history. And in Tibetan legend, King Gesar did sacrifice ceremony on Sangke Prairie.

Sangke Prairie is a meadow steppe with an average altitude of 3000 meters which covers an area of 70 km2. The prairie is always the major base of domesticated animal products in southern Gansu Province.

Wit h the rising of tourism, Sangke Prairie became a preferred attraction to tourists home and abroad. The prairie offers unique touring programs full of Tibetan flavor, such as the milk tee, glutinous rice cake, Tibetan stuffed buns, finger mutton, etc. from July to September, the Tibetan yurts will be set up here, which add one more highlights to the prairie. Tourists to the prairie also have chance to try Tibetan Costume and ride horses or yaks to enjoy the scenery of the prairie and feel the local conditions and customs of Tibetan herdsman.

After the visit of Labrang Temple, just 15 minutes riding tourists will arrives at Sangke Prairie. If you do the Silk Road in summer half year, a visit to Sangke Prairie is definitely unforgettable.

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