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Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall locates 73km from downtown Beijing. It was built in the year 1368 when Zhu Yuanzhang, the father of the Ming Dynasty on bases of the Great Wall of Northern Qi Period. Mutianyu Great Wall is 5400 meters long and it is listed as the longest part of Great Wall. Mutianyu Great Wall enjoys long history and owns splendid history. It is regarded as the essence of Chinese Great Wall. And the unique architectural style is rarely seen in Great Wall construction work. In spring, all kinds of flowers in full blooms; in summer, the hills Mutianyu Great Wall locates turn into deep green; in autumn, the maple leaves become red and fruit growing in close clusters. When winter snow falls, the whole hill and great will be covered by thick layers of snow and the whole world here will be silver.

Spring days and autumn days of Beijing are usually neither cold nor hot. The moderate temperature enables spring and autumn the best time to visit Beijing. Especially in autumn the sky is clear and the air is scrip. So Beijing in autumn is also called Golden Beijing by tourists home and abroad, which is also the best time for a Great Wall Tour.

Jiayuguan Great Wall has crenels on both outer and inner sides, while most of other parts of Great Walls has only crenels on outer side. Crenel walls functioned as shields when warriors on Greet Wall fighting with enemies. The crenels on two sides means warriors guarding this part of Great Wall fought with enemies on both sides at the same time.

One the other hand, Mutianyu Great Wall is the lowest as for elevation. It is only 486 above sea level. Stretching eastward at Dajiaolou, the elevation increases to 620 meters. Looking westward, beyond ten enemy towers, the altitude becomes 1040 meters, which increases 486 meters. Walking in this part of the Great Wall just like climbing.

For tourists who have problem with walking, cable car is an favorable choice. You will visit the most beautiful part of Great Wall without too much hard walking.

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