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JiaYuGuan Pass

JiaYuGuan Pass locates at the west end of Hexi Corridor and it is 5 kilometers west to Jiayuguan City. Being built in the early Ming Dynasty, it is the western starting point of Chinese Great Wall as well as the crucial pass of the Silk Road business route in ancient time.

Jiayuguan Scenic Zone consists of variety of scenic spots, such as Jiayuguan Pass Town, The First Beacon Tower of the Great Wall, Overhanging Great Wall and Great Wall Museum,etc.

Jiayuguan Pass Town, the western starting point of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, was initially built in 1372, is reputed as the “Impregnable Pass Under Heaven” or “The Frontier Throat” for its strategic commanding position and grand structures.

The Pass Town is composed of the internal wall, the external wall and the moat. These three defense lines overlap and link with each other. With the exposed wall joined the No.1 Beacon Tower and the hidden one linked the Overhanging Great Wall, the solid military defense system of the western Great Wall of Ming Dynasty came into being. On the Jiayuguan’s rampart stand 14 turrets, towers and strobes. Inside the Pass Town there are General’s Mansion and Well Pavilion, Wenchang Palace. The Temple of Guan Yu, Archway and Theater stand outside the east entrance. The architectural composition of the town as a whole is ingenious and grand, which echoes to Shanhaiguan Pass, the eastern starting point of the Great Wall at a distance of thousands of miles away.

The Bangdaling Great wall and Badaling Great Wall are the must see attractions to almost all tourists to Beijing. But have you ever imagined that in the west point of Gnasu Province, tourists could also see the Chinese Great Wall, both of them are indivisible part of Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty.

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