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Hemu Village

On the lakefront of Kanas Lake lies a tiny village— Hemu Village, which enjoys the fame of “most beautiful village in China”.

Hemu Village locates at the north part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the county it belongs to— Hemu Kanas County shares frontiers with Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan. The Hemu Kanas County is a clear and tiny border town. The Eerqisi River flows through the County and on banks of the river stand birch forest and sunflowers. And among the forest and sunflowers hide pure white yurts of local people.

>Hemu Village is one of the three collective living communities of Tuva people. All houses here are built with logs, from which one will feel the primitive live style. The most famous thing of the Hemu Village is the autumn red spread every where. The chimney smoke rose from the cottages spread and gradually mix into the autumn air, making up a dreamlike picture. Standing on the hills surrounding Hemu Village one will get a bird’s eye view of the village and the river flowing by it.

The little village is beautiful, but there are some thing needing attention. If you visit the village by horse, please dismount the horse at the gate of the family you want to visit. When the house master is preparing meals for you, please do not touch the dishware or food material or cooking utensils. If the house master give you some gifts, please do not refuse them. If you really could not accept or take them, please explain to the master and express your appreciation to him or her. And if the horse you ride meet the sheep flock, please make the horse make a circuit and avoid rush into the sheep block.

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