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Grape Valley

Grape Valley locates 11 kilometers northeast to Turpan. The valley lies beneath the Flaming Mountain and is 8 kilometers long from north to south and 2 kilometers wide from east to west. Inside the valley the Brook River, which has the melt snow from Tianshan Mountain as its water source. The valley gets its name for it is rich in grape growing. It is one of the most attractive spots in Turpan, especially from July to September it is a must see place in Turpan.

The Grape Valley like a green silk strip lying in the Turpan Basin. Every year thousands of tourists come here to escape from the heatwave in summer, to appreciate the unique scenery or to relax. Within the Grape Valley tourists could appreciate the wonders made by the nature, try the sweetest grapes in the world, enjoy the friendly and passionate folk dance performed by the Uygur people, and see the busy and festive grape picking by Uygur girls in their ethnic costume.

It is pretty hot in summer in Turpan and in August it can be above 42℃ most of the day time. The ground temperature of Flaming Mountain can reach 80℃ and the peak temperature record of ground temperature is 90℃. So tourists could bake egg in sand there.

But a visit to Grape Valley after the Flaming Mountain will bring you to another world. On the river sides in the valley, the grape trellis are spread on by one, the thick grape vines protects people from the torrid sun lights, looking verdant. Taking a broad view tourists will see the dense aspen forest and the farmers house spreading on the slopping land. The Grape Valley is regarded as the Shangri-la of the hottest place in China.

In every august, the Grape Festival is held in Turpan. At that time, people in Turpan could try the freshest grapes, enjoy the Dawazi performance (a traditional folk art of Uygur people. Performer walks on a fine string spending in air), participate in the folk parties, etc. Experiencing a grape festival tourists will feel the Uygur folk culture in heart.

While if your travel date is before July or after September the Grape Valley you could consider skip Grape Valley. In that time there is nothing interesting to see in Grape Valley. Please make sure to advise your travel time and to ask your travel agent if the Grape Valley is worthy to go and want you could see there during your visiting.

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