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Flaming Mountain

Flaming Mountain was called Red Stone Mountain in ancient times because of its color. It locates at the north fringe of the Turpan Basin. It is about 98 kilometers long from east to west and 6 to 10 kilometers from north to south, and the major peak has an altitude of about 831 meters. That mountain is regarded as the most important attraction in Turpan.

Flaming Mountain locates at the north route of ancient Silk Road, it was formed around a hundred million years ago. The whole mountain contains nothing more than these reddish slopes and gullies. At midday during summer time, the mountain looks like a huge flying red dragon setting off fires in the fiery sun and temperature can top 55 degree centigrade.

Flaming mountain is the hottest place in China. A visit to Flaming Mountain in summer day will be more suffering but tourists will really know what does the “Flaming Mountain” mean.

The fame of Flaming Mountain as a tourist attractions was promoted by the TV series made based on the novel Journey to West. According to the famed Chinese novel Journey to the West, when the Master Xuanzang and his three disciple, Monkey, Piggy, and Sandy reached this place, fires raged for hundreds of miles. One of his followers, the Monkey extinguished the fire with a magical palm fan whisked from the throat of the ever-protective Iron Fan Princess.

Because the mountain are pure rocky mountain and the temperature is extremely, no plants grow in the mountain and also no birds or animals live in the mountain. Only the reddish bare stone are waiting for tourists exploring. And also some sun cream and sunshade is really necessary for a tour to Flaming Mountain in late spring, summer and early autumn.

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