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Echoing-sand Hill

Echoing- Sand Hill locates 7km south to Dunhuang City. It is one of the top attractions along Silk Road. The hill is close to Crescent Lake. So they consist the Echoing-Sand Hill & Crescent Lake Scenic Area. It is the must-go place for both domestic and international tourists in Dunhuang.

The hill was named so because when the wind blows, the sand granulates flies and make the sound like singing. The hill stretches some 20 kilometers from east to west and more than 20 kilometers from south to north. The highest peak is over 170 meter tall. From April to November, Echoing-Sand Hill receives thousands of tourists every day. No matter how many people left their footprints in the hill, the hill will recover its even surface in the following morning. That is the gift to future tourists from the night wind.

The rolling ranges of Echoing-sand Hill looks glittering yellow when it is sunny. It is as smooth as silk and as quiet as an autistic girl. When the light breeze arise, the hill will sing like the sound of orchestral music instruments. But when the wind blows, the hill will becomes a crazy guy.

If you do the camp in Echoing Sand Hill, you will experience a special day, like a local saying “Wearing fur jacket in the morning while fine gauze at noon time, and eating watermelon by sitting around the stove”. That is maybe a little exaggerated, but it hints at the big temperature difference there. Whenever you go there please make sure to prepare something for the strong sunlight.

Besides the sightseeing, if you like there are many amusement activities in the Echoing-Sand Hill.

Echoing-Sand Hill Climbing

The hill body is a huge sand drift whose surface is soft. Climbing upward the hill you will see the different beauty of the hill. Some people prefer climb with bare feet so to get closer to the sand hill and the natural environment there.

Camping in Echoing-Sand Hill

Echoing-Sand Hill Camping is a good chance to escape from the bustling city life. You will witness the broadness and tranquil of the desert at night and appreciating start in the sky above desert. Desert parties is also worthy of expectation for most of tourists.

Camel Riding

The camel is praised as the ship in desert. So almost each tourist to Echoing Sand Mountain will try camel riding. In high season, the camels are very busy to carry curious tourists while in low season tourists could find groups of camel crouching in desert and waiting for tourists. Taking a camel to visit Echoing-Sand Hill you will see the ruins of ancient trading route and more grand desert scenery.

Appreciating Sunrise in Desert

That is the welfare for campers especially. It is difficult for other tourists to arrive there before sunrise in the early morning. The morning Sun rise up slowly and take the boundless desert as the background. The Sun of that time looks much like the big egg yolk.

Sand Sliding

Sand Sliding is a most welcomed activity among young guys. Sitting on the sand-sliding board and sliding along the 45o slope down to the sea of the sand. The sand-sliding board made of bamboo which is light and runs fast. The sliding speed is about 20m/s and with the increase of inertia when sliding down, the speed is increasingly fast.

Desert Exploration by Self-driving or Walking

Rent a desert off-road vehicle or walk to cover the 800km2 Echoing-Sand Hill will bring you some quite special experience. You will truly feel the hollowness of the desert world and if by walking it will be a challenge to one’s courage and energy. That activity is loved by  adventurous minds.

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