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Camel Ride

The Echoing Sand Mountain nearby Dunhuang City is made of yellow sand. Surrounding the mountain is some short trees and plants. The mountain is regarded as one of the most wonderful attractions along ancient Silk Road and Camel Ride is a most participated activity in one’s tour to the mountain. To avoid the sands come into your shoes, every one will get a pair of soft anti-sand boots there. The camel is praised as the ship in desert. So almost each tourist to Echoing Sand Mountain will try camel riding. In high season, the camels are very busy to carry curious tourists while in low season tourists could find groups of camel crouching in desert and waiting for tourists.

Usually there is a man or women hold the halter of the first camel to lead the camel team. Halters of all the following camels are tied to the camel in front of it. Under the leading of camel puller, all camels walk in good order slowly. All the camels in scenic area are domestic and they are all pretty gentle, so please do not be scared of them just because their big figure.

When you get into the saddle, camels are usually crouching down and when you get onto the back of them, they will stand up slowly. But please make sure to hold the halter tightly and never try to take pictures or anything else. The camel will first straighten it;s front legs when the back legs are still crouching, so you will bent back. Soon the camel will straighten its back legs and then you will pitched forward. Only when the camel finishes standing up, could you sit on it easily and comfortably. And when the camel crouching down when you finish riding, the camel will bend the front legs first and back legs later. You still have to hold the halter tightly.

Things needing attention. First, please do not open your sunshade or umbrella when riding a camel. Though the visit to Echoing-sand Mountain is arranged in the afternoon, it is still quite hot. You could wear hat or scarves to protect you from the flow sand. The shade of umbrella will scare the timid camel so they may become very crazy and you might fall off the camel. Second, please take good care of your personal belongs. The bag should always be on your back and do not hold it in your hand. If the bag fall to ground, it will be much inconvenient to pick it up when you are on camel. Third, please put your wallet in front pocket instead of the back pocket. Though the camel walk slowly, it is still a little jarring, so the things in back pocket may be lost. Fourth, please do not feed camels or play with them.

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