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Abakh Khoja Tomb

Abakh Khoia Tomb lies about 5 kilometers east to Kashgar city at Hanhao Villages, covering an area of about 2 hectares. It is one of the must see attractions on the Silk Road route.

The tomb is a architecture complex of ancient Muslim architecture which served as the family tomb land of Abakh Khoja, the powerful ruler of Kashgar in the 17th century. It was first built in 1640 and contained 72 members belonging 5 generations of the family. Emperor Qianlong’s favored concubine-Xiangfei(fragrant Concubine) was also said to be buried here. So the tomb is better known as Xiangfei Tomb. Xiangfei is the only Uigur concubine among the 41 wives of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). She spent 28 years beside the emperor in Beijing, abiding strictly by Islamic doctrines. Before her death she expressed her desire to be buried in her hometown of Turpan. According to archeological findings, the authentic tomb of Xiang Fei is in the East Qing Tomb near Beijing. And her tomb in her family tomb group is actually the tomb of here clothes. It is said there are totally 72 members of the family, but actually there is 58 tombs excited.

The grand tomb is heavily sheltered by the ancient poplar trees which grow around the mausoleum. Abakh Khoja Tomb is admired as a well-preserved Islamic architectural complex not only in Xinjiang, but throughout Central Asia. Xiang Fei’s love story intrigues tourists from home and abroad.

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