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Camel bell had guided the ancient merchants trudging among ancient China, Middle Asia and Europe for silk trade and opening the historical Silk Road. Today it rings again when increasing travelers put their eyesight on this legendary road for its unparalleled historic relics and breath-taking natural scenery. Stretching almost 4000 km in China, there are too many destinations could be on your wish list, but which ones you should never miss? See here!

Dahaidao Route of Ancient Silk Road

In Xinjiang, there is a mysterious area where you will meet everything you can imagine about Gobi – The ghost city towering in Gobi in...
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Xinjiang’s Beauty in September

Each year when autumn is coming, Xinjiang will become a top travelling destination for photography lovers. They travel to Xinjiang with either friends or family,...
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City Along Ancient Silk Road – Turpan

Turpan is a magical place. It is the fusion of ancient and modern civilizations, the intersection of eastern and western cultures and religions, and the...
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Best Tour in China

Excellent service! Highly Recommend!
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10 Days Fantastic Experience in Gansu and Xining

Highly recommend Sophia and her company!
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