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Top Places for Photo Taking in Xinjiang

Taking photos in tour is the must-do for all tourists. Taking some beautiful photos will make one’s tour more pleasant, sharing your photos with your friends will bring you more joy, and when you return home from the tour, the photos will help you record the tour and remind you of some interesting experience.

The Silk Road tour is mainly about culture relics exploration in Xi’an and Gansu. While once you step into Xinjiang, you will be impressed firstly by the unique scenery. Especially in autumn, each thing are trying their best to present their best color to the world before they are covered by silver snow. selected several places most recommended for photo taking. We believe your Xinjiang tour will be more beautiful if you could have some nice photos when the tour ends.

Autumn of Hemu Village

Golden Kanas Scenic Area

Autumn in Desert

The Dreamlike Colorful Beach

The Thousand Years Old Euphrates Poplar

Grassland and Farmland

The Country Beauty of Baibaha Village

Naraty Grassland that Lingers in Summer

Country Highway in Autumn