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Shanghai – Lanzhou – Zhangye Flight Opened

Zhangye is a well known stop along Silk Road, and the most highlight attraction here is Rainbow Mountain. While due to inconvenient transportation, Zhangye is isolated from many tourists.

Now the situation changes! On September 23rd, the flight HO1027 lands at Zhangye Airport from Shanghai. By now, the fastest flight from Shanghai to Zhangye opens. That will make the traveling time of Silk Road tour much more shorter.

The Shanghai – Lanzhou – Zhangye flight uses A320 flights and their flight numbers are named as HO1027/28. Each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday the flights fly. At 08:10 the flight departs from Shanghai Pudong Airport, after a stopover in Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, it arrives Zhangye at 13:05. The return flights depart Zhangye airport at 13:50 and land in Shanghai Pudong Airport at 18:15. The return flights would also make a stop in Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport.

Before the flight opening, even if taking the flight, traveling time from Shanghai to Zhangye spent 2 days because the flight stop in Lanzhou for over 10 hours. Now it traveling time is shortened to 5 hours.

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