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Yinchuan Travel Guide

Yinchuan, the capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is an old-line city beyond the Great Wall. In history, Yinchuan was the capital city if Xixia Kingdom. To west skirt of Yinchuan lies the mysterious royal mausoleum group of Xixia Kingdom. Yinchuan also enjoys the fame of natioanl historical and cultural city. It is one of the central cities in northwestern China. The heroic Helan Mountain Ranges and Yellow River created Ningxia Plain in outer side of the Great Wall, so Yinchuan is also called the Pearl Beyond the Great Wall.

Yinchuan has four distinctive seasons. The spring usually comes later than other cities, the summer is cool and short, autumn comes earlier and winter lasts longer. The temperature difference in day time and night time is quite big and generally speaking the city is lack of rain all year round. If you travel to Yinchuan, it would be safe to bring somthing to protect you from sandy days.

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