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Wuwei Travel Guide

Wuwei City of Gansu Province lies in east part of Hexi Corridor used to be the vital pass along ten ancient Silk Road route through which travelers from eastern China could travel to Xinjiang.

Climate of Zhangye belongs to distinctive Temperate Continental Climate with annual average temperature of 7.8 ℃ and an yearly precipitation of 60-610mm. Zhangye City enjoys many reputations like the National Historical and Cultural City, the National Outstanding Tourist City, the National Wine City, and the Hometown of Wine in China. The grape wine and the Night Light Cup are best known specialties of Wuwei.

The existed well known tourist attractions of ancient Silk Road route in Wuwei are White Pagoda Temple, Leitai Han Dynasty Tomb, Tiantaishaan Grottoes, etc.

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