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Kuqa Travel Guide

Kuqa County belongs to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Kuqa was called Qiuzi Kingdom in ancient China. In the Han ans the Tang Dynasty, there were 36 recorded kingdoms in Xiyu Area (The territory to west side of Yumen Pass and Yangguan Pass of ancient China) and Qiuzi was one of the few big kingdoms among them. Qiuzi was the key point for business and culture communication between China and the West. In history from the West Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty each central government set regional political office to deal with local work.

The representative site of ancient Silk Road route in Kuqa is Subashi Ruins. Subashi was built in the Jin-Wei Period and the ancient city experienced its golden period in teh Sui and the Tang Dynasty. Buddhist Mater Xuanzang Used to stay in Subashi city for two months to give Buddhist lesson. In the mid 7th century, lots of great monks gathered in Subashi City to discuss and sprad Buddhism. So Subashi City is also called Subashi Buddhist City. From the end of 9th century, Buddhism began to decline in Subashi and after the 13th century, Subashi City was abandoned. Although visitors could find nothing bust some rammed-earth wall ruins, the ruins are still presenting the flourish past of Kuqa area as the important stop along Silk Road.

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