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Jiayuguan Travel Guide

Jiayu Guan Watch Tower 005
Jiayu Guan Watch Tower
Jiayu Guan Watch Tower 001
Jiayu Guan Watch Tower

Jiayuguan is a moderate city of Gansu Province lies in the Gobi desert between Lanzhou and Dunhuang. The city was originally established in 1372 during the Ming Dynasty when a fortress was built to protect the last frontier of the Chinese empire. Later it gradually became a small township engaged in local trading, catering to the needs of the military garrisons stationed at the fort. The city was used to be an important pass of the famous Silk Road and the first pass at the west end of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty.

The most suitable time to visit Jiayuguan is from May to October, because the weather is the most favorable of the year at that period. Like Urumqi, Jiayuguan also possesses a typical continental desert climate. Sandstorm usually happens here, so prepare glasses, hats and gauze kerchiefs are necessary for many tourists.


JiaYuGuan Pass

JiaYuGuan Pass locates at the west end of Hexi Corridor and it is 5 kilometers west to Jiayuguan City. Being built in the early Ming Dynasty, it is the western starting point of Chinese Great Wall as well as the crucial pass of the Silk Road business route in ancient time. Jia...

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