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Beijing Travel Guide

Tiananmen Square 02
Tiananmen Square
Beijing in Huabei Plain is the capital city of People’s Republic of China. The City has been the capital city of China for about 850 years. So the city is left with numerous historical relics and sites. And as the capital city of PRC, Beijing is the second most populous metropolises in China after Shanghai.

Beijing locates at the northwest end of Huabei Plain and neighbors Tianjin City to southeast, the other parts are surrounded by Hebei Province. Beijing has a history of more than 3000 years which was called “Ji” at earlies time in documents. And Beijing has a history of being capital city of 850 years. In the Tang Dynasty, the Kingdom of Jin set the place north of today’s Beijing as its capital City (the capital of China at that time was Changan, which is known as Xian today) and called it Zhongdu. Later the Yuan, the Ming, and the Qing Dynasties all set Beijing as their capital cities. Beijing, Xian, Luoyang and Nanjing are called the “four famous ancient capital cities of China”. Beijing owns 6 World’s heritages so no doubt it is listed as one of the hottest tourist cities in China.

Beijing is quite rich in tourist resource. There are over 200 tourist attractions opened to tourists in and around downtown Beijing. The famous one like the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park, Summer Palace, Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, etc.