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Aksu Travel Guide

Aksu City locates at the west part of Xijiang Uygur Autonomous Region was an important trading port since the exploration of Silk Road route. The city lies in south side of Tianshan Mountain and was named after the river flow through it. In Uygur language the city’s name means “city of white water”. In the Qin And the Han Dynasty there were two Kingdoms in Akesu area. That area is alos the source of Qiuzi culture and Duolang culture.

Besides the graceful natural landscape Aksu Area also has some unique human landscape. The Kizil Thousand Buddhist Cave and the Kumutula Thousand Caves are the result and proves of cultural exchange and communication between ancient China and foreign nations.

The best time to visit Aksu is from September to October. Climate in Aksu is the Warm Temperature continental Climate. The annual precipitation is about 42.4-94.4mm and the annual average temperature ranges 9.9- 11.5℃. It is usually dry and clod in winter, dry and hot in summer. In summer days even if you use sun cream the blazing sunlight and ultraviolet radiation in Aksu will leave you with copper-colored skin. The dry and cold winter in Aksu is also beyond many tourists’ bearing capability. The winter days will ends only when summer comes.

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