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Ta’er Monastery

Ta'er Monastery 07Ta’er Monastery locates at the Lotus Flower valley which is near from the Xining City, Qinghai Province. The monastery is listed in one of the must see attractions of Qinghai Province. Since the date of establishment in the late Ming Dynasty, the monastery gradually forms it own religious organization, political organization, economic resource and culture life, etc. Among the organizations and activities the temple fair is the best example to present the well developed system of Ta’er Monastery.

Ta’er Monastery was built in the year 1379 and it covers an area of over 600mu. Due to its location on the waist of Lotus Mountain, the halls and rooms of the monastery strew at random, looking spectacular. The Buddhist figures kept in the hall are all lifelike. The artificial flower made of ghee, the colorful murals, and the unique three-dimensional embroidery are the three most rarer things of the monastery. Besides, the monastery keeps quite a number of Buddhist scriptures, and books on history, literature, philosophy, medicine, and laws.

Ta'er Monastery 06Murals refers to the paintings on the walls of the temple halls. Most of the murals are painted on clothes and some of them are directly painted onto walls and beams. The dyestuff material of the murals are natural mineral. So their colors are always bright and do not fade.

The three-dimensional embroidery is an special Tibetan art created by Ta’er Monastery. Firstly cut colorful silk fabrics into couple figures of Buddhists, plants, birds and animals. Then sew the cutting figures onto clothes and fill them with cotton or wool. So the embroidery has the unique third dimension. The embroideries mainly tell the Buddhist stories and religious life.

In each first month, fourth month, six month and ninth month of Chinese calendar Ta’er Monastery holds a royal temple fair. Each temple fair attract thousands of Buddhist believers and local people and tourists.