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Subashi Ruins

Subashi Ruins 02
Subashi Ruins
Subashi Ruins locates at the outskirt of Kuqa city. In ancient time it used to be a well known Ladies Kingdom in the west boundary of ancient China. The discovered area of the ruins covers an area of about 5000 square meters. Though the kingdom had died already, the parapets, the platforms, the beacon tower of the ancient city wall are still visible.

There is a legend about the Ladies Kingdom. All ladies in Subashi gave birth to only girls because of the special water quality. So there is no native male residents in Ladies Kingdom. To keep the population, All married girls would still live in her hometown with their husband. And only the gentlemen who agreed to marry into and live with his wife’s family could marry the girl from Ladies Kingdom. These newly married couples also got no boys but all girls. So the Ladies Kingdom was indeed a matriarchal community. There were no Kings but all Queens, the civil and military officials are exclusively ladies. And the married-in husbands would be hand

Subashi Ruins 01
Subashi Ruins
ymen, guards, and labors. The Ladies Kingdom used to be a prosperous community in the Tang Dynasty. Master Xuanzang used to stay in Ladies Kingdom for two months to spread Buddhism and gave Buddhist lessons on his way to ancient India.

It is said the kingdom was destroyed by the torrent caused by an earthquake. Actually there is another more believable explanation about the death of the Kingdom. After the 9th century, the Silk Road was gradually given up and Buddhism gradually declined in Xinjiang. As a result, the Ladies Kingdom gradually died.

In the recent years, as a tourist attraction, Subashi Ruins attracts increasing numbers of tourists every year. And a archaeological site, Subashi Ruins is listed as one of the most attractive sites by archaeologists.