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Leitai Han Tombs

Leitai Han Tomb  05Leitai Han Tomb locates at the Leitai Park of Wuwei City. The tomb was discovered by accident in the year 1969 by a local farmer when he dig a defensive tunnel under an old locust tree. The tomb is famous for the cultural relics unearthed in it. And among the unearthed items the most famous one is the bronze figure of a Bronze Galloping Horse. That figure is the current tourism symbol of China. The Bronze Galloping Horse is also called the Galloping Horse Trading on a Flying Swallow. The color of the bronze horse is a little green. And the horse is 34.5 cm high, 45cm long and 17.5kg heavy. The three legs of the horse is in the air and under the left back hoof stamps a flying swallow. And the swallow is looking at the horse hoof surprisingly. That figure changed the traditional casting method and also obeys the mechanics balance principle. The Galloping Horse is an bronze ware beyond any comparison. Tourists could see the original object of Galloping Horse in Gansu Province Museum.

Leitai Han Tomb  04According to inscription on the horse figures and the objects unearthed, the tomb was built between the year 186 and 219. The tomb passage is 19.34 meters long and the tomb chamber was divided into three parts: the former parts, the middle parts and the back parts. The unearthed objects includes gold wares, silver wares, bronze wares, iron wares, jade wares, bone wares, stone wares and potteries which accounting to 231 items in total.

Nearby Leitai Tomb is the Leitai Lake. After being dried for 20 years the lake gets water again and now people could hear the jingling of spring water and babbles of creeks and see the sparkled lake lake surface.