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Karakuri Lake

Karakuri Lake 04Karakuri Lake locating at the foot of the iceberg Muztag Ata is a morainal lake which is 191km from Kashgar. On bank of the lake lies the Sino-Pakistan High Way. And waling for 5 hours from the lake one will arrive at the base camp of Muztag Ata climbing. The term KARAKURI means BLACK SEA. The water face of the lake reflects the lofty inverted image of Muztag Ata, looking pure white and mysterious.

Nearby the lake is the Subashi Grassland which feed herds of cows and sheep with verdant grass and plenty drinking water. And the yurts of local herdsmen are dotted on the broad grassland. 30km north to the lake is the Bulunkou transportation hub where tourist accommodations are available.

When the lake is calm and tranquil in sunny days, the pure white iceberg peak, the green grassland, and the cow and sheep herds all shed their inverted image into the lake. The symmetrical distributed scenery surrounding the lake and in the lake composes a magical picture. In each summer and autumn, the lake area attracts lots of tourists set up camp here as the iceberg climbing base. The yurts and wooden hut can also accommodate tourists but he conditioned is less good for most international tourists. Tourists could also rent a raft to enjoy themselves on lake.

Karakuri Lake 03Before the sunrise, Muztag Ata and Karakuri Lake reflect the dull blue light. When the sun came up gradually, the dull blue Muztag Ata will firstly turn purple-red, then shed golden-red light , at last the light becomes pink. In the first few minutes when day time is coming, the lake surface will produce a layer of water fog, like the floating gossamer.

For thousands of years, Kalakuri lake lies tranquilly at the foot of Muztag Ata, like a charming lady in arms of her hero. In sunny days, the blue and clean lake reflects the serene image of the iceberg. When it rains the lake gets glittery black immediately. In the past, the local young unmarried girls and boys often lit a fire on the lake bank and have local styled party with tourists.