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Pujiang River and Pujiang Cruise

PPujiang River Cruise 001ujiang River is a key attraction of Shanghai Tour since the city began to receive tourists home and abroad. On one hand, Pujiang River is the mother river of Shanghai City, it is also one of the symbols and an epitome of Shanghai city. On the other hand, the two banks of Pujiang River collect lots of best tourist attractions of the city, where tourists will witness and experience the old Shanghai and the modern Shanghai. Moreover, one will expect and look into the future Shanghai.

After the whole day tour, taking a ship to cruise along Pujiang River for relaxing and admiring the gorgeous night piece of Shanghai is tried by numerous tourists. Pujiang River Cruise at night makes it possible to appreciate Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai International Meeting Center, Jinmao Tower and Shanghai International Financial Center at close quarters. The flouring scenes are too numerous to mention one by one. The cruise ship usually starts from the Bound, heading against the stream first to Nanpu Bridge, then change the direction to north, cruising through Yangpu River until to Wusongkou Bay, from here turns back to the Bound.

When night falls on the river, lands on both sides of the river are brightly-lit and ablaze with lights. The classical and modern architecture enhance each other’s beauty, bringing out the best in Pujiang River Cruise 003each other, which staging beautiful scenery on two sides of Pujiang River without any reservation. Taking a broad view, tourists will appreciate fixed beauty of various buildings, the floating beauty of the river, the flouring beauty of the clamors on two banks, and the quietly elegant beauty of the tranquil Pujiang River.

The Bound, staring point of the Pujing River Cruise, was primarily developed in the mid 1900s, is the starting point of the whole former western concession and the city development of Shanghai . Architectures in various styles, such as gothic, roman and baroque style architectures are dotted here. Pujiang River Cruise will bring one back to those historic ages and help tourists review the amorous feelings of old Shanghai.